Maralytics Concierge Service Options

We have many products available to help you and your business, have a powerful
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  • D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself)
  • Integration
  • Concierge
D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself)IntegrationConcierge
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Monthly Price$55$95$245
Yearly Price$605$1,045$2695
Campaign Management
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Call-to-Actions
Unlimited Campagn Durations
Campaign Costs
Campaign Sales
Campaign ROI
Comparison Campaigns
Sales Management
Sales per Campaign
Customers per Campaign
Transaction History
Campaign Profit
Total Sales
Total Customers
Profit per Customer
Costs per Customer
Average Sale per Customer
Comparison Reports
Customizable Reports
Campaign Result Summaries
Campaign Detailed Reports
CSV Downloadable Reports
Training Videos
Email Support
Phone Support
Hardware Setup and Support
Integration Setup and Support
Staff Management and Training
Marketing Consulting Phone Support (1hr per month)
POS Integration
Kounta by Lightspeed, Vend, Square, Xero
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Experience the full power of Maralytics through the aid of other value-added marketing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this isn’t required. If you wish to continue with one of our paid plans at the end of your free trial with Maralytics, that is the only time that you will need to input your credit card information.
Yes! You will be guided throughout the duration of your free trial. Email notifications will be sent to you to remind you of the end of your free trial.
Your free trial will end automatically and if you haven’t subscribed to a paid plan before that takes effect, a notification email will be sent to you to remind you to download data that might be lost when your account becomes inactive.
Should you decide to continue, you need to choose from our three subscription plans. We do not automatically upgrade your account to a paid plan after your free trial.
We accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards for now.
None. The service is under a subscription term which can either be monthly or annual, depending on your choice.
This is the beauty of a subscription service like Maralytics. Never feel locked in as you can upgrade, downgrade, and even cancel anytime! It is all up to you.
This is detailed in the plan details above but should you need additional information regarding support, feel free to contact us here.
You can easily terminate your subscription through a written notice, but we require this at least one month in advance. You can also choose to have your subscription terminated using the same notice. This is further detailed in our Terms of Service.
Think of the Concierge Plan as a highly customized service that is tailor-fit to your business needs. We may take out services from the DIY and Integration plans if you do not need them and we may also add features that are not available on those plans if they are what suits your tracking requirements.
Yes, we have several add-ons that you can enjoy. From branding kits to digital marketing services for social media, blogging, and marketing consultation. Also, be sure to check out other marketing resources such as eBooks, manuals, hardcopy books, marketing kits, templates, etc. Please proceed to our online store to see the full catalog.;
We do not provide refunds for subscriptions cancelled before the end of the billing period. This is also mentioned in our Terms of Service.
No, we do not charge any processing fees for credit card transactions.

At the moment, we only support U.S. Dollars (USD) that is why our pricing is in USD. However, this does not mean that we don’t accept payments from non-US-based customers. Depending on your bank or credit card, some fees may apply but none of these will be remitted to Maralytics, only the charges indicated in our Pricing Page and eStore.