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Make better business decisions and convert your marketing into real sales and customers.

Enhance all your marketing activities with Maralytics

Create profitable marketing campaigns that don’t rely on guesswork. Maralytics is a complete, automated marketing solution that gets data straight from your POS, giving you real-time, reliable figures; or you can upload your own results. Either way, you have the ability to spend your marketing dollars more effectively across top-performing channels, boost your results, and invest in high-performing future campaigns.

Track Any Type of Campaign

Access results from traditional or digital campaigns and get insights that tell you the entire ROI story for any type of marketing activity.

Integrates With Top POS Systems

We’ve partnered with the top POS systems such as Kounta by Lightspeed, Vend, Square and Xero, to provide you with smooth, worry-free integration. And we’re still growing our partners.

Highly Flexible, Wonderfully Convenient

Generate customized, tailor-made reports with just one click. By using multiple formats, you can gain many insights that are right for your business.

Big or small, your business is fully supported


Increase productivity for your retail business as you keep track of your customers and their buying habits, all while ringing in their items


Keep your hospitality business ahead of the pack through data-driven marketing campaigns that allow and promote loyalty from your customers.


Allow Maralytics to house marketing-relevant information such as inventory, pricing, spending reports, etc. for theaters, stadiums, or any event-related business.


Keep all your customer data from your tourism and leisure business close and ready, allowing you to make targeted offerings, bonuses, and push to specific customers.


Integrate your POS with e-commerce to make online and offline transactions easier; enabling you to enhance customer experience, lower costs, and drive your revenue further.


Get real-time information for your consumer services business: gather insights as to which services sell the best (or otherwise), profit trends during peak and off-peak hours, and optimize tracking of your finances.

What Maralytics Does Best

Get a quick overview with our intuitive dashboard: track each and every one of your marketing efforts from large- scale campaigns to small, one-time promos.
Analyze various types of data such as campaign profit, sales revenue, customer behavior, traffic, successful call-to- actions, etc.
Easy report viewing and generation. Monitor results in real- time so you can react quickly and make changes to your campaigns.

Choose the best plan that suits your business

You can try it out first via our free trial, then decide on which plan fits your budget and your requirements. Each plan also has tiers for support through email or phone.

D.I.Y (Do It Yourself)

$ 55 Monthly


$ 95 Monthly


$ 245 Monthly

D.I.Y (Do It Yourself)

$ 605 Annual


$ 1045 Annual


$ 2695 Annual

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Maralytics can be integrated with various POS systems and we have partnered with the best in the industry.

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